Spaceman of ICK returns with the first single off his upcoming project “Over It”. On “The Mad Bomber”, he shows off his tongue-in-cheek humor. The song also displays Spaceman’s unorthodox (yet intriguing) production style. You can watch the music video for “The Mad Bomber” HERE.

Album Stream: Kool A.D. “Not O.K.”

Even after releasing both 19 and 63 this year, Kool A.D. isn’t ready to put 2013 to bed.  The former Das Racist member has returned with a new project entitled Not O.K.—a collection of songs which did not make the cut for his upcoming album Word O.K.  Feature appearances on Not O.K. include: Toro Y Moi, Del The Funkie Homosapien, Milo, Oh No, and Thelonius Martin. 

Also included on the album is “Insane Computer Rap” with Alim—a song Prefix premiered in October. 

It is O.K. to stream below: 

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Album Stream: Sean Price & M-Phazes’ “Land Of The Crooks”

Brownsville, Brooklyn meets Melbourne, Australia for this short, but sweet collaboration.  Land of The Crooks has hip hop veteran heavy-hitter Sean Price teaming up with M-Phazes, a producer who appeared on “Bad Guy” off Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers EP 2.  Right from the start, the project brings chuckles with the catchy hook: “The bag with the shit got shit on the bag.”  But, that’s not to say this project is a joke—in fact it’s project to be taken seriously.  M-Phazes’s production strikes an intelligent balance of contemporary and purists-friendly boom bap.  In other words, there isn’t anything nostalgic about this project, but rather it feels like an updated version of hip hop roots music. 

Although the project ends with two versions of the same song, the two renderings separate from one another enough so that—if you don’t look at the track list—you probably won’t even tell they are the same song.  The first version of “Murdah Type Thinkin” features Roc Marciano while the remix not only replaces M-Phaze’s production with Philadelphia beat-maker Small Professor, but also features a verse from Sean Price’s Random Axe partner Guilty Simpson. 

This inclusion of Guilty Simpson and Small Professor makes sense considering the CD version of Land of Crooks will be sold as a “double A-side set,” packaged with Guilty Simpson and Small Professor’s Highway Robbery which came out in late September.   

(Via Prefix)

Listen: Alim “Insane Computer Rap” Feat. Kool A.D. (Of Das Racist)

Alim is a rapper who truly does not put on any phony gimmicks.  He displays his creativity with a keen awareness of all the short-lived fads that the Hip Hop genre attaches itself to.  In fact, he’s so aware of the ups and downs of hip hop that he titled one of his songs “My Favorite Rapper Fell Off.”  On this track, he rhymes:  ”What goes up must come down/some sh*t is green, some sh*t is brown/ and it all comes out of your ass and it smells very bad/ Damn my favorite rapper is trash.”  You can listen to Alim’s album with SickSentz Do Us All A Favor… here.

Alim’s first appearance on a blog was an accident.  He rhymed over an EL-P instrumental and OkayPlayer accidentally thought it was a new collaboration between the two artists.  EL-P found out. But, he loved the song so much that the two are now friends.  You can watch an interesting interview DeadEndHipHop conducted with Alim here.  

Today, Prefix premieres a new Alim track which features Kool A.D. (of Das Racist fame).  Actually, the song did not make the cut for a new Kool A.D. project which is scheduled for release in early 2014.  The song is entitled “Insane Computer Rap.”  Kool A.D. calls himself the “best rapper alive” and Alim pays homage to Cypress Hill’s classic “Insane in the Membrane.” From Eyes and Teeth’s production to the two unique verses coming from Kool and Alim, this song is insane. 

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After receiving critical acclaim for his new studio album Flying ColoursShad has returned with visuals for the single “Remember To Remember.”  On the song, Shad keeps the music close to his Canadian roots by recruiting fellow Canadian Electropop singer Lights. 

If the title the album is Flying Colours then this video offers a visual experience which reflects that title.  Justin Broadbent, the video director, does a beautiful job of utilizing effects which simulate VHS tape glitches.  The stimulating imagery reflects the somewhat abstractness (yet thought provoking nature) of Shad’s lyrical content. 

It has been announced that Shad’s Canadian record label Black Box Recordings has partnered with Duck Down Records which will assist with marketing and distribution globally.     

Remember to get a copy of Flying Colours today.  

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Trinidad Jame$ Won

I always thought this guy was smarter than most people give him credit for. The fact that he mentioned up-coming New York rapper Black Dave means a lot. 

Hip Hop is a genre based on competition. It always has been and always will be. Any New York rapper (or Hip Hop fan) who was upset by his remarks the other day are taking things much too seriously. Thanks to rappers like Maino, the only winner here is Trinidad James.

14 Rappers To Watch Out For In 2014

Vulkan the Krusader

Highlights of 2013: Released V mixtape. Released lo-fi ambient project Robbie Darko EP. Appeared on Steel Tipped Dove’s “& a bunch of crazy motherfuckers” mixtape (which also featured Kool A.D., YC the Cynic, Antwon, etc.). Got interviewed by Village Voice.

You should check out: V mixtape, Robbie Darko EP, “Not Today”, “Wild Horses”


Kyle Rapps

Highlights of 2013: Released the mixtape SUB which featured Action Bronson, Mr. Motherfuckin’ eXquire, Murs, etc.  Mixtape SUB was titled mixtape of the week by The Source.  XXL premiered music video for “Get It In” Feat. Action Bronson.  

You Should Check Out: SUB mixtape, “Forget It” (Aaron Cohen Feat. Kyle Rapps)


Aaron Cohen

Highlights of 2013: Got signed by Decon Records/ Mass Appeal. Got on XXL The Break. Received press from Pitchfork for a track he appears on with Boldy James and Alexander Spit. Released Potential Fans with promising critical feedback.

You Should Check Out: Potential Fans, Murk, and Crack



Highlights of 2013: Received press from SPIN Magazine for the song Aaron Cohen song “Nickvanexelrose” which he features on.  Released multiple mixtapes in 2013.  

You Should Check Out: "Unemployment" (Aaron Cohen feat. ABGOHARD and Spaceman), "Nickvanexelrose" (Aaron Cohen feat. ABGOHARD), "Plenty", "Cerelean City", and "Yung God". 


Michael Christmas

Highlights of 2013: Received press from such places like XXL, Complex, and more.  Released videos for “Michael Cera” and “Daily”.  

You Should Check Out: “Daily”, “Michael Cera”, his entire soundcloud. 

Ibn Inglor

Highlights of 2013: Released New Wave mixtape.  Complex called him a rapper to watch out for.  The Fader premiered his music video for “Black Print” 

You Should Check Out: New Wave mixtape. 


Highlights in 2013: Got interviewed by DeadEndHipHop. Released mixtape with producer SickSentz, collaborated with Kool A.D. 

You Should Check Out: Mixtape Do Us All A Favor, “Insane Computer Rap” Feat. Kool A.D. 



Highlights in 2013: Released Flying Colours album.  Appeared on XXL The Break.  Recieved promotional backing from Cinematic Music Group (home of Joey Bada$$, Big K.R.I.T., etc.) 

Isaiah Rashad

Highlights of 2013: Got signed by Top Dog Entertainment, Appeared on BET Cyphur with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and Jay Rock. 

You Should Listen To: ”I Shot You Down”, “Ronnie Drake” (Feat. SZA)


Vince Staples

Highlights in 2013: Signed to Def Jam. Went on tour with Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, and Chance the Rapper.  Appeared on the Earl Sweatshirt single “Hive”

You Should Listen To: “Hive” 


Vic Mensa

Highlights of 2013: Appeared on Chance the Rapper song “Cocoa Butter Kisses” (also features Twista).  Continued success with Kids These Days.  Released mixtape Innernetape.

Check Out: Innernetape, “Cocoa Butter Kisses”


Oscar O’Malley

Highlights in 2013: Received promotional assistance from Diamond Media 360, appeared on multiple blogs

Check out: Orange Starburst… mixtape 


YC The Cynic

Highlights in 2013: Appeared on Steel Tipped Dove’s “& a crazy bunch of motherfuckers” mixtape, appeared on Milo’s mixtape, released GNK mixtape (w/ Frank Drake), received promising critical acclaim, appeared on XXL The Break.  

You Should Check Out: GNK mixtape



Highlights of 2013: Released debut EP Execute. Appeared on the Kyle Rapps single “Coco Puffs”

You Should Listen To: Execute, "Coco Puffs", "Unemployment" 

As Inner City Kids’s very own Aaron Cohen is beginning to gain publicity, AbGoHard appears to be on the right path to becoming the next big name to come out of the Brooklyn collective.  Whereas Aaron Cohen has a more aggressive flow, AbGoHard lightens things up with goofier lyrics and deliverance.

This is not to say that AbGoHard is a joke. In fact, he’s got a charisma that is to be taken seriously.